OSHA First Aid Kits ML-298-G
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Reliable, economical work site first aid kit. The perfect solution to help you stay in compliance with OSHA regulations for first aid in the workplace. 3 types of first aid kit which allow you to choose the  suitable size that fits your needs. All kits are packed in a durable, well marked metal box that can be mounted on the wall.

Product Code Description Packing
ML-238-L OSHA First Aid Kit -
Large Suitable for 20 person
1set, 10sets / carton
ML-288-J OSHA First Aid Kit -
Jumbo Suitable for 50 person
1set, 10sets / carton
ML-298-G OSHA First Aid Kit -
Giant Suitable for 100 person
1set, 10sets / carton

OSHA Content Proguard Content ML-298
1C ML- 298 , Metal Jumbo
Size : 513 x 130 x 396mm (H)
2) Small individual medicated or unmedicated sterilised dressings, for fingers Sterile medium adhesive dressing 7.2cm x 5cm 24
3) Medium size individual medicated or unmedicated sterilised dressings, for hands and feet Sterile medium adhesive dressing 8.3cm x 6cm 12
4) Large individual medicated sterilised dressings, for other injured parts Sterile medium adhesive dressing 10cm x 8cm 12
5) Assorted adhesive wound dressings Assorted adhesive wound dressings 40’s 1
6) Triangular bandage  Triangular bandage  8
7) Roller Bandages, 1 inch W.O.W Bandage, 2.5cm x 5.5cm 12
8) Roller Bandages , 2 inch W.O.W Bandage, 5.0cm x 5.5cm 12
9) Adhesive Plaster Surgical tape with dispenser 1.25cm x 9.1cm 3
10) Absorbent sterilised cotton wool in 1/2 oz. Packets of cotton wool dispenser Cotton wool 50gm 6
11) Suitable splints and wool or other material for padding Wooden splint 8
12) Approved eye ointment or eye drops Eye drop 5ml 8
13) Individual sterilised eye pads in separate sealed packets Sterilise eye pad 8
14) Rubber or pressure bandage Tourniquert 1
15) A two per cent alcoholic solution of iodine, or a one per cent aqueous solution of gentian violet on a stoppered 2oz bottle Acriflavine solution 30ml 6
16) A bottle of sal volatile with the dose and mode of administration indicated on the label Liniment methyl salicylate 30ml 2
17) Blunt-nosed surgical scissors Scissor n / foldable stainless steel blade 1
18) Safety pins Safety pins 12’s 3
Total items including box   18

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